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There´s nothing better than fresh homemade lemonade. It´s so easy to make, all you need to do is just combine raspberries, water and rosewater. Amount of rosewater depends on your personal preferences, everybody likes it differently. You can add less or more rosewater, so add it gradually. To freshen the lemonade up, add mint or melisa leaves from your own garden / or flower pot / .  Serve chilled or add some ice cubes. 


80 g raspberries

500 ml water

1 Tbs lemon juice

2 tsp agave syrup / optional /  

2 tsp rosewater

ice cubes/ optional / 

mint, melissa leaves / optional / 


  1. Add raspberries and rose water to blender and blend until smooth. Food processor will work as well.  

  2. Ad lemon juice and agave syrup and stir well. Pridajte citrónovú šťavu a agáve sirup a dobre premiešajte. 

  3. Gradually, add rosewater according to your taste. 

  4. Serve with ice cubes and mint or melisa leaves.