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What´s better than homemade hot chocolate drink during cold, gloomy days? It´s pretty easy and you need only 3 ingredients.  Be sure to use quality dark chocolate with high cocoa content to avoid too much sugar. If you avoid eating chocolates from the store, try maing your own homemade chocolate. Adding little cinnamon will warm you up. I usually use oat milk, but it´s up to you what plant based milk will be the best for you.  The amount is for two persons.


60 g quality dark chocolate

1 tsp cinnamon

400 ml oat milk


1. To a small pot over low heat, add 100 ml milk and chcolate pieces. Heat and stir until dissolved. 

2. Add the remaining milk, cinnamon and stir well. Heat until all milk is warm and all ingredients are well combined. 

3. Pour the chocolate into two mugs and serve imidiatelly.